About us

Hye NV is a water engineering company located on the banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp. It gained experience through the execution of all kinds of aquatic constructions on, below, next and above the water:

  • quay walls, jetties and piers
  • bridges
  • dike construction and sluices
  • foundation works
  • steel constructions
  • hoisting, assembly and marine salvage
  • dredging
  • remediation & environmental works

In the meanwhile also our our environmental works have been strongly expanded.

The strong growth in aquatic construction and civil construction is only realized thanks to a motivated team who are continuously trained both internally and externally. This allows the know-how of our experienced domain specialists to be transferred to our younger team members. Assisted by the latest technological evolutions we can support you perectly during the planning and execution of your projects. Extensive and highly technological machinery combined with our experience, guarantee integrated servicing, in which safety, quality, reliability and efficiency have our full focus.

Driven by our passion "water & environment", no water is too deep, noo bridge is too far.


Kruibeeksesteenweg 162, 2070 Zwijndrecht

Tel. : 03/250 13 80 - Fax : 03/252 47 95 - Email : hye@hye.be
BTW BE 0404 646 287 - RPR Antwerpen

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