Temse: Second Scheldt bridge

Constructing a second bridge over the river Scheldt in Temse

Project Description :

Given the increasing traffic on the main road N16 and the bottleneck at the bridge over the Scheldt in Temse, it has been decided to construct a second bridge to obtain 2 x 2 lanes over the entire route between the E17 motorway and the A12 motorway.
The works mainly comprise the constructing a new bridge with impact safeguards on the upstream side of the existing bridge. The bridge will have 2 lanes, as well as a two-way bike path and a pedestrian promenade with benches. The total length of the bridge will be 374 m and will also include a double opening section. Furthermore, the necessary road works should be carried out to connect the N16 to the new bridge. Additionally, a new access road will be provided from both the Temse side and the Bornem side.

Contractor combination :

THV Tweede Scheldebrug Temse (Second Scheldt Bridge Temse)
Participants : Hye NV – Cordeel NV – Fabricom GTI NV – Aelterman bvba
Each partner is responsible for his own specialization.

Client : Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV - Afdeling Zeeschelde

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